1. 2021
    animator, director, writer, producer
    It is 2026. New York City is under 600 feet of water, famine & radiation have transformed the human race into a mutant species of trash eating freaks known as S.L.U.G.Z. Comissioned by Brain Dead & Illumination.
  2. 2017
    Slugabed - Infinite Wave
    director, producer, animator
    Music Video for Slugabed's "Infinite Wave," off "Inherit the Earth." Commissioned by Anticon Records.
  3. 2020
    Jerry Paper - Cholla
    director, animator, producer
    Music Video for Jerry Paper's "Cholla," off the album "Abracadabra." Commissioned by Stones Throw Records.
  4. 2023
    100 Gecs - MWPIUS
    director, producer
    Music Video for 100 Gecs' "Most Wanted Person in the United States." Commissioned by Atlantic Records.
  5. 2021
    director, writer, producer
    Short Film promoting the Brain Dead x Gotcha capsule collection.
  6. 2023
    100 Gecs - Dumbest Girl Alive
    director, producer
    Music Video for the song "Dumbest Girl Alive" by 100 Gecs. Shot on iPhone 14 pro.